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Fetish, Fantasy and Your Relationships Date: Aug 3rd @ 3:49pm EDT
I have frequently been asked about fantasies - whether they are normal, whether it's "okay" to have them, when are they okay and what kind are acceptable. I always reassure that, indeed, fantasies are normal and that they do not necessarily encompass a wish to translate them into reality. Another common fear is "What does it mean when I have such a fantasy?" The answer is no more than "You have an active imagination."

There is a long ago New Yorker cartoon, artist unknown to me, of an older couple lying in bed stiffly and staring at the ceiling. That caption reads "What's the matter? Can't you think of anyone either?" Many find the situation all too familiar. I have never found it funny. This cartoon depicts the one instance in which I do not endorse a familiar fantasy.

Many of the readers who sought reassurance about fantasizing did so with the express description of having them during partnered sex, usually explaining (complaining?) that she or he was unable to get aroused or reach orgasm without this aid. "So is this okay?" Well, no it isn't. Not with me - professionally or personally. There has to be something better than two people having sex with each other while their minds are active elsewhere.


I'm not at all saying that fantasies about others, real or imagined, do not have their place in the life of anyone with a rich imagination. Enjoy them in private. When you are in bed and about to connect your body with the person with whom you have chosen to share your life, I recommend that you make that extra bit of effort to be present fully for the event. You both will enjoy it more.
kissing Date: Jul 27th @ 8:05pm EDT
What ever happened to kissing? You know, that deep, sensual kiss.. With a handful of hair and a shiver that shoots down to the clitoris, through the toes, and beyond?

I want to be kissed. Pulled aside, caught unexpectedly, and fondled with an insistent tongue probing my lips for entry. Are you attracted to me? Do you want to know what I taste like? Are you willing to risk a casual, knee-shaking moment?

Cocksucking is good, even amazing... I will never have too much cock. But a sensual kiss? A kiss is what I remember. It reminds me of how hot you think I am, how ready you are for me to take your cock in my eager mouth. It excites me to work even harder at worshipping your cock, of feeling your cum slide down the back of my throat.

A good, passionate, and sincere kiss? It is what will have me returning to you for another facial, another deposit, another chance at retrieving every last drop.
How To Deep Throat Date: Jul 22nd @ 11:49pm EDT
Here for the first time ever are simple and explicit instructions on how to deep throat a penis. Position is important; you'll want to in position where you can extend and straighten your neck by slightly tilting your head back. This helps line up your throat with your mouth allowing the penis to slide in deep. The best position for beginners is with the receiver lying on his back with the giver lying on the stomach along side. You can prop yourself up on your elbows.

The penis must be THOROUGHLY LUBRICATED! I can't stress this enough. An erect penis will slide much easier along the tongue and into the throat if it is well lubricated. Once you're in position, slightly tilt your head back and extend the tip of your tongue just past your bottom lip. Flatten the back of your tongue just as you would if a doctor were using a tongue depressor to look in your throat. (Extending your tongue helps flatten the back of your tongue. Force your throat open as you would if you were yawning. (contrary to popular belief, you don't 'relax' your throat muscles to perform deepthroat. Forcing the back of your tongue down and your throat open will counter the gag reflex and create a larger opening for the penis to enter)

Now, take a deep breath and slowly slide the length of the penis into your mouth and along your tongue. When you feel the urge to gag, pause and hold the penis there as long as possible then withdraw it. Repeat this process as many times as you can. Eventually you'll be able to take the penis in deeper and deeper until you can take the entire length of it across your tongue and down your throat

One thing to remember is when you get to the point where the head actually enters the throat, you may feel a little resistance and will need to give a little extra 'push' to get the penis fully in. It may help to use your tongue to pull the penis in deeper. When you reach the point where you feel the gag reflex, pause for a moment, then, without removing the penis from you mouth, extend your tongue out a little further, then pull your tongue back in your mouth, pulling the penis along with it.
You contact lens wearers will no doubt remember the difficulty you had overcoming the involuntary urge to blink the first few times you tried to put in your lenses, but with practice and patience it became very easy to do. The same applies to deep throating! Be patient and practice the technique as often as possible.

After you've learned to take in the entire length, you can begin working on some 'advanced techniques' that will add even more pleasure. Some of these techniques are letting you partner ejaculate with the entire length of his penis in your throat.
If you don't like the taste of cum, this is a great technique because the head of his penis will be well past the taste buds on the back of you tongue when he ejaculates. You'll also be able to perform a 'throat massage' on his penis while it's in your throat.
This technique will drive your partner wild with passion as your throat muscles massage his penis. This is accomplished by actually making a swallowing motion while the entire length of his penis is deep in your throat. You'll also be able to lick his balls while he's in your throat.

If you've never been deepthroated, you're probably wondering what it really feels like. Most men report that they feel a 'pleasurable ring of tightness' around the circumference of the penis just below the head with the most pleasurable sensation focused on the underside of the penis where the head joins the shaft. Remember: lubrication, extend tongue, flatten back of tongue, force throat muscles open, go slow and be patient!
While learning deepthroat, it's better that the giver maintain the 'superior' position, i.e. where the giver controls the depth and frequency of penetration. After you've become very comfortable with taking a penis deep in your throat, you'll be able to accept a more passive roll and let your partner control the depth. An excellent position for this is you lying on your back with your head hanging off the edge of the bed. Your partner will be able to put his penis in as deeply as he wishes in this position. This position provides an excellent view of your neck and throat for your partner. One of the most exciting visual aspects of deepthroat is your partner can watch your neck and throat expand and bulge as the penis slides in deep.

While learning to perform deepthroat, it's best of you are fully relaxed before starting. Take a nice, long, hot, bath. Listen to some soft music Drink a glass of wine. Have you partner give you a long sensual body massage....or do whatever relaxes you the best. The more relaxed you are when you begin, the easier it will be to learn the deepthroat technique.
As related earlier, lubrication is extremely important. Saliva will do, but there are other lubricants you can buy that are slicker and will last longer. The best I've found is, believe-it-or-not, Albolene, a make-up remover! It's completely odorless and tasteless and in non toxic. It has been used in the adult film industry for years as a sexual lubricant.
It can be purchased at any large drug-store. Another trick the adult film stars who perform deepthroat use is spraying a topical anesthetic on the back of the tongue and throat to deaden it. The most commonly used is 'Lidocaine' spray. Lidocaine is available by prescription only! Lidocaine is what a physician uses to deaden the tongue and throat when they use an 'endoscope' to look in to your stomach.
Lidocaine is also prescribed for people with very sore throats and those with canker sores in the mouth. An over the counter equivalent is 'Axon', a type of aerosol sore throat spray.

I hope this information is helpful.
Hose Fetish Date: Jul 21st @ 8:53am EDT

Pantyhose fetishism is a very common fetish involving women\'s pantyhose (known as \"tights\" in the UK). As with many other common fetishes it has been suggested that it first surfaces in early years and/or during adolescence.

Often a pantyhose fetishist may also engage in stocking fetishism, the unique silky sheer aspect and allure of both items being the common denominator. Many current day males\' fetishistic preferences for pantyhose over stockings may be related to the fact that pantyhose are, unlike stockings, in virtual direct contact with female genitalia and/or perhaps even more important are the preferred hosiery for most women when skirts and dresses are worn.

In very basic simple terms pantyhose fetishism most commonly manifests itself in one or more of the following ways:

Wearing of pantyhose by either or both partners during sexual activity.
A male wearing pantyhose while alone and sexually aroused.
Interacting with pantyhose in any other way or form during sexual activity.
Simply observing/admiring and experiencing heightened arousal/interest of females who are wearing pantyhose.
Viewing and collection of photography, video or pornography of both professional and amateur models wearing pantyhose.
A man or woman in pantyhose encasement.

Specifically during the lone activity of a young fetishist in his early formative years it is sometimes preferable for the pair of pantyhose to have been seen to be worn by a specific \'role model\', be it a family member such as their Mother, an aunt or Grandmother; or others such as a neighbor, family friend or teacher.

The sub-categories and degrees of pantyhose fetishism are too many to list and is in many cases combined with other fetishes or paraphilias of the fetishist (and often his partner too) so as to make an individual\'s preferences as with many other popular fetishes unique.

A few typical examples of sub-categories perhaps would be:

a focus on certain areas of the body while wearing pantyhose, e.g. feet a variation of the very common foot fetishism,
wearing pantyhose with other specific garments, e.g. shoes, boots, or skirts, uniforms that usually include pantyhose (girl at work, secretary, flight stewardess, policewoman, Hooters waitress, girl next door etc.,)
certain styles e.g. sheer-to-waist, opaque, patterned or specific deniers; certain brands or shades,
simply admiring women who wear pantyhose (a mild form of voyeurism),
finding the wearing of them to be a primarily sensual comforting experience, rather than sexual.

The pantyhose covered foot can be extremely arousing to men who often find satisfaction in just looking at or more in that of rubbing, sucking/licking, and massage of the penis with the nylon clad feet. Others find arousal in sniffing the sour and pungent smell of soles made by excessive sweat when in pantyhose. Foot-jobs can be very intense and stimulating and covering a woman in pantyhose in semen is a common fantasy with some men. Pantyhose fetish can also be linked to that of the women dressing as the schoolgirl where stockings, knee high socks and pantyhose can be worn with a short skirt.

The act of purchasing pantyhose, especially when aided by a female assistant, can also generate a degree of arousal.
Female attractiveness

There are several reasons for women to wear pantyhose, each a possible reason for the allure of pantyhose fetishism:

They remove the appearance of blemishes, making the legs \"perfect\".
Thighs and buttocks encased in pantyhose appear firm and fit, flaws like cellulite are not visible.
The reflectiveness of the material, coupled with the way they appear less transparent at the edges, often gives legs more contrast and definition, as though lit by dramatic lighting. This accentuates the curves of the legs, making them less \"flat\", and can also make legs appear slimmer (with dark pantyhose).
They often have a silky texture which is pleasing to both the wearer and her partner.
They enhance the pleasure (and anticipation) associated with the removal of a woman\'s clothes. Not only serving as an additional item to be removed; they allow the exciting moment of exposure to be drawn out much longer than other clothing items, as the pantyhose are slowly pulled down the legs. In addition to this, they do not actually hide what they cover.
The slipperiness and smoothness of sheer pantyhose and stockings also makes women\'s low cut court shoes slip off more easily. This vulnerability is often sexually attractive, and can often result in the women engaging in shoe dangling or shoe play which is also appealing to shoe and foot fetishists.

Men wearing pantyhose
See also: Transvestic fetishism and Pantyhose for men
Man in tights

Some males with a pantyhose fetish may wear them for some of the reasons mentioned above. Men who are discovered wearing women\'s pantyhose for fetishistic purposes may be labeled as transvestites by their partners, families, workmates and society.

A man who likes to wear pantyhose may be deeply anxious and worried about being associated with homosexuality or transvestism, and as such most will endeavour to keep the fetish totally private, commonly hiding it from their wives/partners (though some do have the ultimate trust and understanding of their partners) due to such enormous fears that are invariably completely out of context with such relatively mild desires.

The wearing of pantyhose by men can then become a strong, and much fetish aided and abetted by this \'pressure\' which can consume some as it serves to expand the already highly charged fetish in itself.

Typically, a man who shares his pantyhose fetish with his partner wants to believe that the fetish generates as much arousal for her as it does for him. He may like his partner to encourage him in his fetish to the extent of her buying him pantyhose to wear and encouraging him to wear them. Sexual activity with his partner will likely be heightened if both parties are wearing pantyhose. Any feeling that his fetish is amusing to his partner or that she is only grudgingly accepting of it is likely to cause the wearer to stop and return to wearing his pantyhose in private.

There is a small number of women, perhaps due to the nature of the garment who will also find them stimulating.

For most men with a pantyhose fetish, the simple sensual feel of the material against their body is amply sufficient and they have no intention of wearing any other items of female attire and in this instance these men will take offense at being labeled as \'transvestite\'. In recent years with the access to the internet an increasing amount of men have shared their fetish for pantyhose/tights with other male wearers, with online chat rooms and webcam to webcam masturbation in pantyhose/tights and real meets through the online chat rooms and crossdressing websites.

It is recommended to tell the women about this fetish right away before getting into a serious relationship and for sure before marriage. Forums are full of men who sadly admit that their wives do not share their interest in hosiery and sometimes refuse to wear it all together. Such negative reactions from partners may not be caused by the fetish itself, rather than by the fact that their partner was not completely honest about his sexual preferences and expectations before marriage.
A woman wearing stockings and garters.

Some people experience sexual excitement from the look or feel of women\'s stockings. The attraction may be to the look or feel of the material, such as sheer nylon or silk, to the use of a garter belt, or to the act of a person donning or removing stockings. The attraction of stockings may include the perception that stockings, and the associated use of garters, lace, high fashion, appliqué and the exposure of the thigh, are aesthetically pleasing or erotic.

Stocking fetishism may include other feminine clothing which contributes to enhance the fantasy. Some men find it arousing to collect and wear stockings, panties and suspender belts. In some cases, this is done for the purpose of momentary sexual stimulation. Others wear such a complete combination under a pair of trousers or beneath a business suit on a regular daily basis.[4]

A survey completed by over one thousand British males during July and August 1995, as well as some other authorities related to this matter, suggest quite a sizable percentage - perhaps 5 to 10% - of the adult male population in various western European developed countries have sampled the experience of wearing different lingerie items and combinations. These trials have ranged from a single garment to a complete intimate set, at least once in their lifetimes. And, the study concludes based upon an especially designed questionnaire, a significant majority of these lingerie users are heterosexual individuals who apparently lead normal lives and are very likely married,with families

According to these findings, stocking fetishists highly favor the visual and tactile feedback provided by the smoothness, sheerness and resiliency, characteristic of nylon and nylon/spandex items, as compared to the roughness and lack of appeal typical of male underwear. The responses given by such males, who regularly wear lingerie and other assorted feminine items, usually refer to sensual, rather than sexual, stimulus, with an overall feeling of relaxation and well-being.

The increasing acceptance with which modern societies have viewed this particular subject since the middle of the 1950s decade enabled many men to indulge in this practice to such an extent that it has been branded as a 20th century social phenomenon.[6]

In contrast to conventional face-to-face purchasing, the growth of internet purchasing has enabled men to browse through many different assorted underwear offerings anonymously. Presently, many manufacturers and retailers specializing in lingerie and associated women\'s apparel throughout the world cater to the need of an ever growing population of men who usually invest significant amounts of effort and expense in order to acquire whatever intimate garments may suit their particular needs.[7]

Such fetishists may also be divided into many sub-categories relative to their attraction to certain types of stockings.[8] Some find fishnet stockings more arousing compared to other forms of stockings, for example. Other preferences include fully fashioned (seamed) stockings, seamless stockings, designer stockings, luxury stockings, heel and toe stockings (RHT), stay-ups, etc.

Garter belts can be very tricky to attach to a lace welt, therefore it is much easier to start wearing garter belts with old-fashioned regular stockings that have a plain welt without any lace, designs, or silicon lining. Usually garter belt fits around the waist or just a little lower, but it is not a good idea to have a garter belt too low on the hips because it may begin to slide down when walking as stockings tug on the straps.

In the Anime and Manga subculture Zettai Ryouiki refers to the bare skin between thigh-high stockings or socks and the skirt (though in some cases shorts also).
prostate massage Date: Jul 16th @ 2:26am EDT
Usually, we consider the penis to be the only male sex organ, but the prostate is a man's other sexual organ. The prostate is a gland of the male reproductive system located underneath the bladder and just in front of the rectum. Widely considered to be the male equivalent of the female G-spot, there is a lot of pleasure to be had from the prostate. When performed correctly, a prostate massage can give a man a much more intense orgasm than he has ever experienced before.

Since a man already associates pleasure with his penis, the key to making a prostate massage work for your man is to arouse him by giving him a genital massage at the same time. That way, prostate sensations will also be associated with sexual pleasure. Begin by caressing his penis with both hands. Keep the stimulation on his penis going even as one of your hands starts moving down towards his anus. His erection may come and go, but the genital stimulation should continue.

Don't rush into the penetration part of prostate massage. Start with an external massage of the prostate. The perineum is located between the testicles and above the anus and most men find that massaging it is very pleasurable and relaxing. Next, massage his anus using a rhythmic, circular motion. You can gently push on the anus, as if you're ringing a doorbell, without forcing your finger inside. This will help relax the anal sphincter.

Ask him if he's ready for you to "come inside." If he is, apply lubricant to your man's anus and onto your middle or index finger. Then slowly penetrate him with your finger as far as you can go. Once inside, rest a moment while he gets used to the sensation of having something in his anus. Once you're both comfortable and your finger is fully inside, slowly and carefully curl your finger. You should be able to feel a small, firm bump about the size of a walnut on the uppermost side of his anal passage, in the direction of his navel. This is his prostate gland.

Once you have found the prostate, press or stroke the gland along its sides in a rhythmic motion with the pad of your finger, not your nail. Do not massage the central (top) area because it contains several sensitive nerves. The maximum amount of pressure you should apply would be equal to the amount of pressure you would rub your eye with. Try different forms of stimulation: slight pressure, firm pressure, moving your fingers in small circles, stroking, or maybe even vibrations. By experimenting with different types of stimulation, you will identify what feels best to your man.

By applying more or less pressure to the prostate gland, you can learn to control your man's sensations, even to the point of inhibiting him from ejaculating. The ability to control ejaculation through prostate massage allows for nearly unending stimulation of the his genitals. Pressing on the prostate while he ejaculates can increase intensity of his orgasm even more.

A prostate massage can be very erotic and intense for both partners. It's a very intimate sexual practice that brings a couple closer sexually. You will be learning and putting trust in each other while sharing a new experience.

These days more and more men are becoming interested in anal pleasure and comfortable with the idea of letting their female partners take control in bed, and some couples are even exploring male anal penetration by the female partner, a sexual practice known as Bend Over Boyfriend (BOB) or pegging. If you have never tried (or even heard of) this sexual practice, read my tutorial How to Bend Over Your Boyfriend and Make Him Like It.

If you're like many people, you've had a satisfying sex life, but deep down you know there's something missing, something you still yearn for. You're looking for new heights of sexual satisfaction. Don't let another night pass without experiencing deep sexual bliss. Make today the day you take your lovemaking to unimagined levels of fulfillment. To learn Tantra sex tips that work, click here.
Do Men Prefer Blondes? Date: Jul 14th @ 5:07pm EDT
While i believe they do, I posed the question to some of my guy friends here is the reply that one of them gave me. What is your opinion?
Hair color is one of the most distinguishing aspects of a female's appearance. If you ask men, most will have a preference as to which they think is most attractive.
Personally, I think that brunettes are the most attractive granted other factors such as skin tone play a part, too. For me this relates to experience. The brunette girls I know are simply more fun. They enjoy doing outdoor activities, sports, going to a movie, among a bunch of other things. So technically it is not the hair color itself, but what personality I associate with each hair color.Hair color is not a main criterion of attractiveness for me. A girl's complete physical appearance and her personality are much more important.
"Going back to Marilyn Monroe, and maybe even further, there has been this portrayal of blondes as extremely attractive women"
While this does not apply to me, there appears to be a general consensus that men prefer blondes. A lot of this has to do with the perception and portrayal of blondes.
Everyone has heard the saying "dumb blonde." This notion may appeal to certain guys because they think if they get a blonde girl they can get her to do more of what they want. Yes, this is a pathetic notion, but many stereotypes are. Also there is the saying: "blondes have more fun," and although likely false, the saying still exists. Furthermore, in the media there is the portrayal of the blonde bombshell. So the notion of blondes being the most desired women type is everywhere.
"A girl's complete physical appearance and her personality are much more important than just the hair color."
Going back to Marilyn Monroe, and maybe even further, there has been this portrayal of blondes as extremely attractive women. There is a desire to look like Barbie, which entails a small waist, large breasts, and perhaps most importantly long blonde hair. Due to the perception and portrayal of blondes, there is a belief that they are preferred by men. Whether this is true or not remains a question, but the belief is certainly out there. And in this context, I am a non-believer.
So, I believe they mostly like redhair, i guess i'll never know. Why don't you send me an email and let me know your opinion.
Submission In Lyrical Form Date: Jul 6th @ 3:31am EDT

I love to go out and dance, and dance to heavy beat when i do. Lords of Acid are a naughty group that have a bdsm bent to them which makes me two fav songs by them and their lyrics are below.
The first one is : THE POWER IS MINE

I feel your deep devotion
Dive into my ocean
Drink some of my potion of love
Come quench my desire
Fill me up with fire
You know it's never enough

Dance the dance of lovers
I don't need no other
To ride the waves of pleasure and pain
Come on boy, obey me
Lick my boots to please me
Maybe I will loosen your chains

You need to be punished
And it will never finish
You are just a dog on a leash
Lick me baby lick me
Let me make you happy
But only if you're begging me please

I can break your will
I can make you kneel
I can force you to crawl and to lick my heels
Cause the power is mine

FOR the second, its one that makes me chortle and i love playing it at dive bars when the old bar flies don't hear the words until the chorus and you can see the lightbulbs go off literally and their reactions are priceless.

wanna see your pussy
Everybody says it's nice
Can I come and visit?
I'll be at your house tonight
They tell me it's soft to touch and really smooth
I can hardly wait to feel that pussy too

You wanna play with pussy all the time
To hide that kind of pussy is a crime
You say your pussy's clever and so slick
But I think you're pussy's kind of sick

I wanna see your pussy, show it to me
Let me see your pussy, show it to me
Show me your pussy, show it to me
I want to see your pussy, show it to me

I want to bet your pussy ain't as pretty as mine
I don't hide my pussy like you do all the time
My pussy's just the sweetest thing that you've ever seen
Compared to mine your pussy's really ugly and mean

I bring my pussy everywhere I go, mm-hmm
To watch my little pussy is a show
You say that your pussy's really clever and slick
But I think your pussy's really thick

I wanna see your pussy, show it to me
Let me see your pussy, show it to me
Show me your pussy, show it to me
I want to see your pussy, show it to me

She turns into a tiger when she's ready to eat
My pussy's always hungry for a big chunk of meat
So lay your little pussy right next to mine
You can bring her over around dinner time

My pussy is the hippest thing around, that's right
She's always been the talk of the town
You say your pussy's clever and so slick
But I think that your pussy's mighty thick, meow baby

I wanna see your pussy, show it to me
Let me see your pussy, show it to me
Show me your pussy, show it to me
I want to see your pussy, show it to me

fourth of july erotica Date: Jul 4th @ 12:53am EDT
It had been a very long and hot day, but 4th of July usually is, isn't it? After all the hot dogs, burgers, potato salad, and chips, there is the eventual cool down that accompanies the fireworks. There is the sense of excitement as you sit on your blanket waiting for the sun to finally go down. You have to first make it through the attack of the june bugs. Then it is finally dark enough that you can hardly see the people on the blanket next to you. That moment, right there has always been the most erotic time for me.

This year, I finally have my Tin Man to spend the 4th of July with. We have spent the day visiting with family. Throughout the day I have been showing Jeff exactly what he wanted. I had on a blue and white striped tank top that showed off my 38D breasts. My red shorts had also kept him captivated as well. They are very form fitting and highlighted my ass, especially since I wasn't wearing any panties. All day I would catch his eye in the crowd of our family and friends and smile, running my hand down my waist and over my hip, resulting in a blush from Jeff. I would also grab some whipped cream on my finger, get his attention, and then slowly slide my finger into my mouth, sucking it all off and then taking my finger out of my mouth and flicking my tongue back and forth across my finger. Again more blushes. At one point in the day I was looking for Jeff for another round of teasing when I felt your hand slide down my back and over my ass. I leaned back into your body and felt your cock hard against my back.

You lean down and whisper in my ear, "You want your fantasy tonight, don't you?"

I turn my head up to kiss your lips and breathe against them, "yes".

Then I kiss your lips. We get lost in the kiss like we always do until finally one of my brothers bumps into us and tells us to get a room. As the day goes on I continue to flirt with you and many more times we kiss. Your sweet, succulent lips covering mine and a beautiful dance of love. Your hand also finds its' way to cup my ass each time we kiss.

Finally it is time to go to the park to stake our claim to watch the fireworks. We take our cooler and quilt to wait out the sun. We settle down on our blanket and snuggle up with each other. We talk quietly about the days' events as you hold me against your chest. Even though it is hot, we can't move away from each other. We spend the moments of dusk kissing and looking into each others eyes. I thank you once again for choosing me this time to love. I run my fingers up and down your face and play with your hair, simply being amazed at me finally being in your arms. At the moment the sun goes down, you roll me onto my back with your body covering mine to shield me from the june bug attack. As they are leaving the ground, I lean up to kiss you more deeply thoroughly enjoying the weight of your body holding me down.

As the last june bug flies away, I excuse myself to go to the bathroom. While in there, I change into a free flowing skirt for better access. Because of our teasing all day, I am completely drenched with my pussy juices. I take a moment to pleasure myself and put my fingers in my pussy to get them completely coated with my taste. Since it is so dark out by now, as I head back in the direction of our quilt of heaven, I yell out, "Marco". To which immediately I hear at least 20 different "Polo"'s. I stand still and yell it again. "Marco". This time I hear your beautiful singing voice above the rest of the replies. I know exactly where you are but I love hearing you sing so I continue calling "Marco" to hear your voice guiding me home.

When I finally reach our quilt, I kiss you and you pull me down into your lap. You are rock hard and it's a good thing it's pitch black otherwise everyone around would see your gorgeous cock straining against your shorts. As I'm sitting on your lap, I begin slowly grinding my hips around your cock to tease us both a little bit more.

I whisper in your ear, "I found the most delicious treat on the way back from the bathroom. Do you want to try it?"

You kiss my neck from my shoulder to my ear and whisper "yes" in my ear.

I place my fingers at your lips and you take one in your mouth to nibble it. You quickly realize that all of my fingers are coated in my pussy juices. Your cock gets even harder, if that was even possible. Your hand comes up to cup my breast and you clean my fingers off one by one while playing with my breasts and nipples. You then realize that I changed into a skirt and use your other hand to move the skirt up my legs. You know I love to feel your fingers trailing along my skin, so you get a little torture in yourself. You slip your hand under my skirt and find out I'm not wearing panties. You moan at this point and I remind you to be quiet because the fireworks haven't started yet. Once you are done licking my fingers off, I kiss you to taste me in your mouth. Your cock jumps again under me. I continue kissing you and stand up slightly just enough to undo your pants and pull your thick cock out. I sit back down on your lap and continue kissing you with your cock inside me.

At this point, the fireworks have started. I turn around on your lap, still with your cock inside me and lean back against your chest. We watch the fireworks for a little bit while I simply sit on your cock. My juices are dripping out of me, running down your cock and pooling on the blanket below us. We hear "OOOOOHHHH" and "AAAAAHHHH" all around us. I begin moving back and forth slowly so no sound happens.

"OOOOHHHH", you moan.

I lean back and say, "Do you like the show?"

"Yes", you whisper in my ear as you lick my ear and earlobe.

I ride your cock throughout the display getting us both very, very close several times. There are a lot of "ooohhh" and "aaahhh" from our quilt that had nothing to do with the fireworks. Then as the fireworks pick up speed to signal the end, so do I. Just as the finale starts and everyone starts cheering and clapping, I finally let you cum. You cum so forcibly that I cum in response to you. I lean back on your chest while your cock is still inside me.

We kiss for several minutes, just simply enjoying the feel of our lips touching. As the crowd starts moving around I stand up. You are exposed, and covered in our cum, so I lean down in front of you and lick your cock clean. You take a moment to life up my skirt and lick my pussy clean as well. You almost make me cum again with your tongue. After we both are cleaned up a bit, I turn around and kiss you again. I whisper to you that you probably need to zip up or we will get caught. As you zip up your shorts, the security lights come on. We stand up and collect our quilt and cooler. As we hold hands and walk away to our car, a couple stops us and thanks us for the show.

"We couldn't see what you were doing, but we could hear it and it was the best show we didn't see, ever." He said. We both blushed.

"You're welcome. Glad you enjoyed the show." I said to him.

I look up at you and say, "I love you, Jeff. Thank you for giving me everything I have always wanted"

"You're welcome, DEAR", you say with that smile of yours that melts my heart every time.
Flowers Fools! Its All It Takes! Date: Jul 2nd @ 4:51pm EDT
Want to know one of the ways to make a girl swoon over you? Just because flowers. To help you get even more brownie points here are the meanings behind the different colored roses. Hope it helps!
Red Roses
Red roses are the traditional symbol for love and romance, and a time-honored way to say "I love you." The red rose has long symbolized beauty and perfection. A bouquet of red roses is the perfect way to express your deep feelings for someone special.
Pink Roses
Pink is a symbol of grace and elegance, the pink rose is often given as an expression of admiration. Pink roses can also convey appreciation as well as joyfulness. Pink rose bouquets often impart a gentler meaning than their red counterparts.

Yellow roses
The bright, sunny color of yellow roses evokes a feeling of warmth and happiness. The warm feelings associated with the yellow rose are often akin to those shared with a true friend. As such, the yellow rose is an ideal symbol for joy and friendship.
White roses
White roses represent innocence and purity and are traditionally associated with marriages and new beginnings. The white rose is also a symbol of honor and reverence, and white rose arrangements are often used as an expression of remembrance.
Orange roses
With their blazing energy, orange roses are the embodiment of desire and enthusiasm. Orange roses often symbolize passion and excitement and are an expression of fervent romance. A bouquet of orange roses will send a meaningful message
Lavender roses
The unique beauty of the lavender rose has captured many hearts and imaginations. With their fantastical appearance, lavender roses are a perfect symbol of enchantment. The lavender rose is also traditionally used to express feelings of love at first sight.
Foot Fetish Date: Jun 27th @ 3:46am EDT
I just had my spring pedicure. My toes are currently painted a fetching shade called "slut red". Subtle they are not. It turns out that as we start shedding the winter socks and start wiggling our pink piggies in strappy sandals you can more often than not catch attractive guys checking out your feet. You may think it's a new thing but after a little cleavage, a great booty, and a fantastic pair of legs, men polled recently by Cosmo said their next favorite female body part is a sexy pair of feet. Does that mean that they have a foot fetish?

It turns out that 47% of men like feet. A lot.

A foot fetish is, basically, a sexual interest in feet -- more so than other parts of the body -- taking special notice to feet (toes, soles, shoes, toenails) and involves an array of activities involving rubbing, sucking, licking, dressing, manicuring, massaging, kissing and caressing for sexual stimulation.

Sex counselor and author of She Comes First, Ian Kerner, says a lot of people are aroused by feet and enjoy incorporating foot-play into sex-play, but they're not solely aroused by the foot, as would be the case with a fetish.
I tell my patients that fetishes often develop in early adolescence when you first become aroused and determine a preference.
It shouldn't surprise anyone that men look at feet. With more shoe stores than food stores in any given shopping center, most women spend an inordinate amount of time making our feet look pretty. If we spend time on our hair, we want you to look. The same goes for our feet.

So as the weather warms up and we head into spring with a plenary of freed toes take a minute to admire the ones in your vicinity. And think about something creative to do with your sweetie's feet the next time you are doing the horizontal mambo.
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