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How To Achieve Better Sex Date: Oct 3rd @ 8:44am EDT
The bigger the better. The more the merrier. Size matters. As a culture, we\'re obsessed with the notion of having the most, or in this case, the longest duration of anything. Blame it on advertising, insecurity, a society where guys still measure everything against their own dicks; whatever the reason, it\'s no surprise why wanting to last really, extremely, ridiculously long in bed may seem like a good idea. The truth is, it\'s not that simple.

People Tend to Use Tinder Out of Boredem
Sure, Missy Elliott\'s iconic words about wanting \"no one-minute man\" still ring true. You might be good. You might be great. But gone in sixty seconds? That likely won\'t do it. And if sixty seconds of penetration is all you\'ve got to offer, it\'s time to start sharpening up your other skills, a lot. Here are a few things to consider before treating your next encounter like a competition.

Sex isn\'t a sprint, but it\'s damn sure not a marathon either.
Abandon the notion that length of time you spend engaged in intercourse directly correlates to the quality of dick you\'re giving. One hour of bad sex is still bad sex, but five mind-blowing minutes can be unforgettable. We\'ve experienced just as many hookups that end decidedly premature as we\'ve spent staring at the ceiling trying to determine how to politely ask, \"Are you done yet?\" After applying the same energy you were putting into going the distance to getting on the same page as your partner, a sex marathon may not seem as appealing (or triumphant) as it once did.

The key to good sex is communication.
There\'s more to your intimate encounter than penetration alone. Whispering in your partner\'s ear, \"How do you like that?\" mid-stroke doesn\'t qualify as useful communication�\"directly find out what they want. This can happen before you get to the bedroom (and dirty talk might even lead you there). Strengthening the quality of communication will not only result in better sex (this is a fact), it will also result in a healthier relationships at any level�\"friends with benefits, to married 15 years with rug rats

A Workout Plan for a Better Sex Life
Look for other ways to please your partner.
If you\'re striving to go the distance but consistently feeling like you\'re falling short, don\'t let insecurity over a speedy session get you down. There are always methods, such as mastering the art of cunnilingus and making sure you have a confident, firm, but conscious touch. Start gentle, and read the signals. But most importantly, showing you\'re invested in your partner\'s pleasure rather than how long you can pound it out can ultimately bypass how short (or long) you last.

You may already be lasting long enough.
Those of you already going the distance should probably check with your partner. Maybe you\'re squashing the game and really laying it down for an extended period of ecstasy, but your partner could also be accommodating you and your ego�\"just ask! And you don\'t have to say, \"Am I lasting too long?\" You can simply pose this inquiry as wanting to learn more about what works for their needs. Further, after you check if you\'re doing all you can for them (as in, you come second), it may be more comfortable to ask for things that you like that may help you get off sooner�\"before your partner is over it and staring at the ceiling.

Bottom line: Communicate. Once you aren\'t wasting energy on lasting as long as you possibly can, you\'ll put yourself in position to have a constantly evolving and ever-improving sex life�\"one where the last thing you need to worry about is the clock. And besides, there\'s always round two.
Where have all the kinky nice guys gone? Date: Aug 11th @ 4:10pm EDT
Is It Really A Problem? Having 100 Pairs of High Heels? I think not! Date: Jul 20th @ 8:11am EDT
I have a serious passion for footwear but when it comes to heels there’s a different kind of love. If you value high heels and stilettos over food, like me, then it’s time to find out if you are a high heel addict.

1-You believe that a pair of high heels can make it a better world for you.

2- It makes you look sexier, smarter and goes without saying you are a much better dancer with your heels on.

3-You’re used to pain and numbness of wearing heels..that it feels weird when you’re wearing flats.

4-when it comes to events you refuse to take them off (even when you feel like your legs are falling off of pain)

5-You prefer swallowing pain killers before and during events to stand the pain … but take it off?? NO !!!

6-Shoes have a budget of its own.
7-You feel agonized when you have to exercise because you have to wear a flat sneaker shoe.
8-Your wedge sneaker is a miracle .. a dream came true.. because you can finally feel casual wearing heels.

9-And naturally, you can’t befriend someone thinking like thi
Is it really all in the attitude? Date: May 7th @ 5:14am EDT
so, as a woman with curves, I get tired of hearing people make judgments about my shape and size as if they had some god given right to do so. I don't go around lambasting them for OTB (over the belt syndrome or the funky eyebrow caterpillar on their forehead) why don't more people just realize that that is what makes life so awesome. The fact that not everyone is cookie cutter, that there are types for everyone and everyone has a type. To some, my statuesque curves with 38 EEE cleavage and a pair of stilettos matched with a pencil skirt and sweater is the epitome of hotttt while others aren't so fond of it. I have no issues with that. If they like the little spinner then so be it. I was born a woman, with softness and roundness and a comfortable physique to curl up on. I am built to not break with a bit of rough use of my favorite things ...manhandled and made to feel all feminine has a certain charm. To know that whomever I am with doesn't have to worry about hurting me when the going get s good. So, whether you like my curves or not, I'm going to have a delectably naughty time !
Erotic Hypn0sis Date: Dec 26th @ 8:07pm EST
Erotic hypn0sis. Hypn

It has many names and one simple meaning: Using the power of hypn0sis to fulfill erotic desires. Sounds simple enough? It is.

Erotic hypn0sis takes many forms and can be used to fulfill countless desires but the approach tends to follow a simple formula.

Hypn0tic Induction
Trance & Suggestion
How does it work?

Erotic hypn0sis is essentially no different than any other type of hypn0sis. The only difference it that erotic hypn0sis is used to achieve sensual or sexual results.

Hypn0sis can be used to achieve a myriad of desired effects. We will of course be focusing on the potential erotic effects which include:

Response Modifications

Files that modify the normal sexual response a physical manner, this can include changes to libido & sexual response. Examples of response modification suggesions include causing the listener to become aroused upon hearing a certain word or inhibiting erections unless given permission.

Behavior Modifications

Files that modify behavior and personality. These are among the most effective types of files. These types of files typically add, remove or change personal preferences including fetishes and even sexual orientation. Examples of behavior modification suggestions include causing a listener to prefer a certain type of clothing or to create an obsession with a certain sex act such as fellatio.


These are among the most intense files to work with but also require the most dedication. These files can cause the listener to perceive themselves, their environment and others as different than how it actually is. Common examples of hallucination suggestions include causing the listener to believe he or she is of the opposite gender or perceiving one\\\\\\\'s genitals as being dramatically enhanced (doubled in size, etc).


Trigger files implant what is known as a post-hypn0tic trigger, the purpose of which is to cause a certain response to some external stimulus. Popular examples of trigger suggestions include falling into trance upon hearing a certain voice, performing a certain action when told to do so or having a spontaneous orgasm upon hearing a certain word.

Keep in mind that many files fall into multiple types while others are not easily classified.

Final Words

Erotic hypn0sis may not be for the faint of heart. These files by their very nature require you to willingly surrender control over part of yourself. Some people may become frightened when they find that they can be made to think they are the opposite gender or can be made to have an orgasm by anyone who knows their trigger word. Hypn0sis can be difficult to walk away from once you let it in.

Be informed, be safe and most importantly have fun!
And I'm back! Date: Oct 29th @ 1:22am EDT
Sorry for the long delay but life has a way of creeping up on you and slapping you right upside the noggin! What have I missed? Whose been bad? who needs a spanking? While i've been gone, i've done a lot of reading and i found a quote by Bob Marley that really sums up the perfect way to think about relationships. Here goes:
If she's amazing , she won't be easy; if she's easy she won't be amazing. If she's worth it , you won't give up. If you give up , you're not worthy. ..Truth is everyone is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.
and another great one:
You say you love rain, yet you use an umbrella to walk under it. You say you love sun, but you seek shade when it is shining.You say you love wind, but when it comes you close your windows.,So thats why i'm scared when you say you love me".
Bob Marley...
He's got a ton of great relationship quotes, totally made me think of him in a whole different light. Its amazing to stop and think about someone that is so well known for certain things as a human being and full of other talents , thoughts , feelings and ideas. Its as though we pigeon hole people into a certain stereotype and then when we are yet again shown that stereotyping and generalization is not healthy we are surprised. So lets not pigeon hole and lets not judge.
Well can't wait to run amok with you all..see you soon.
A little bit about Burlesque Date: Sep 7th @ 8:43am EDT
"Burlesque" is a genre of entertainment that encompasses many varying styles within. It spans the worlds of literature, poetry, dance, comedy and drama - and is both risque and satirical in nature reflecting the taboos and social norms of the time. It is as ancient as it is contemporary. It is evolving every day.
The word burlesque literally means 'to send up', to spoof through parody. In its traditional theatrical form, it is best described as "Spectacular Satire" and was eventually mass-popularised in the Victorian era. Here is a very brief outline of the three dominant 'eras' of burlesque.
Classical Burlesque: Right from it's early beginnings in ancient Greece, burlesque was a specialised form of musical-comedy - a very rude one. A burlesque was typically comprised of ironic iconography, playful punning, gender and political satire with adult jokes featuring cross dressing, with men and women often at war with each other. The performers of this time were satirising Dionysus, Odysseus, the Senate and all the material we now refer to as 'the Classics'; they were making comment on current affairs, gossip and life in their time. Writers such as Aristophanes who gave us Lysistrata, Clouds and so many other treasures, were considered very influential, influencing government and society thinking - Aristophanes famously quipped "Women - can't live with them, can't live without them". His plays are still performed across the world today.
British Burlesque: The late 18th and 19th century burlesque was an updating of Classical burlesque with influence from the comedic, literary and poetic works of the Restoration. It was both splendid and thought provoking with increasingly high production values, ironic parodies of popular music and typically starred female performers breaking taboo and taking the lead roles - as men - dressed often in ankle-worthy, leg-showing britches. In Britain, burlesque's history is steeped in potent social change and reflects the development of female empowerment and how women perceived themselves; it saw the rise of the first female manageress in theatre, feminist icons and trans-Atlantic celebrity. Arguably, as a theatrical genre, burlesque saw it's apogee in the 19th century where the players would send up known literary, historical and artistic works while making ribald social comment for the enjoyment of the middle classes and later, the working classes too. In essence, it is very much like bawdy pantomime whe stereotypical gender roles and sexualities were explored.
American Burlesque: Generally speaking, it is considered that the 1930s - 1950s saw the 'Golden Era' of American burlesque, where entrepreneurs such as a the infamous Minsky Brothers in New York set up bawdy revues which mimicked (or 'burlesqued') the expensive and oft inaccessbile Broadway shows, such as the Ziegfeld Follies. These burlesque shows had, just like their subject of lampoon, a chorus line of scantily dressed women, comedians and novelty acts and gave theatrical birth to stars such as comedienne Gypsy Rose Lee (pictured). It is believed that as a consequence of 'tit for tat' (excuse the pun) attempts to heighten the allure of the rivaling shows, that eventually the striptease was 'accidentally' born in Minsky's Theatre in the 1920s. The resultant taboo paved the way for future burlesque dancers to experiment with ingenuity in losing their costumes on stage for comedic and titillating effect. It was in the American burlesque show that the humble pastie and nipple tassel would be born - to flout nudity laws.

A Genre: The various forms are still alive and thriving today, with countless new styles and personal quirks setting new trends for a new era. Famous American style acts include Gypsy Rose Lee, Lili St. Cyr, Sally Rand Bettie Page, Tempest Storm with funny men such as Abbott and Costello making their names in burlesque too. Among the famous burlesquers of the traditional British form, we can count Eliza Vestris, J. R. Planché, Nellie Farren, Gilbert & Sullivan, Lydia Thompson, Vesta Tilley, The Western Brothers, Carry also Monty Python. Of course even further back in time and in the ancient Greek lands where it all began, there is a cornucopia of unexpected heroes and heroines, including the drinking buddies of Socrates and even a Byzantine Saint
Labels Date: Aug 14th @ 10:19pm EDT
Ever notice that the society we function in is slightly OCD about labeling things? We label different types of food, we label different types of alcoholic drinks and the events that go along with them, we label people different from ourselves into categories and lets face it, for the most part, when you're being pigeon holed its not the happiest and most flattering event to ever hit your world. Even in the kink world we label which flabbergasts me.
There is something slightly hypocritical about denigrating someones version of BDSM because it does not conform to your definition. Its the sub culture ostracized by society propagating the same upon others. They look down their nose at those that don't live the lifestyle 24/7 or that they use it primarily in a sexual way. Who is to say that this is anymore right than signing a contract and living it all the time? It is two different versions of a label called BDSM. I personally am a switch. I am looked at as not being for real because of that by some. Or that I just am confused. How dare they suppose to know what goes on in my mind. I have a huge back story into how i became a Domme and then embraced the sub part of me, and at some point i will write about that journey. It is a very personal and painful one for me. Cliches are cliches because there are some truths in the words and thus they linger ... Here is mine" Walk a mile in my shoes before you judge". The truth is at various times and with various people and the dynamics I find with them dictates my role or "label" . Some bring out the evil sadist in me, whilst others find the tender caretaking mother and others the precocious bratty sub. I find that its always best to just shut the hell up about what to call someone until you actually interact and see how things go. That way, preconceived assumptions (cliche alert!! ass-u-me!)about that person and your interactions. Try it sometime, you may be extremely surprised at what you find.
sex games Date: Aug 9th @ 9:44pm EDT
If you want to spice up your sex life, you must know these 5 sex games to play with your girlfriend. The great news is these games don't cost you a dime for fun and excitement. Regardless of how much you guys will like these games or not, it never really hurts to try them out. The following list will briefly explain five sex games to play with your girlfriend.

Fantasy role-play The first sex game to play with your girlfriend is fantasy role-play. Toss a coin. Whoever gets heads will get to pick his or her role. Let's say your girlfriend gets heads. She wants to dress up like a nurse and you will be the patient. Both of you will act accordingly and just let things happen.
Edible underwear The second sex game to play with your girlfriend is to put on edible underwear. Each of you will cover the private parts with food. For example, instead of wearing real underwear, put on one made of whipped cream. Your girlfriend will do the same thing. Both of you will take turns licking off the whipped cream prior to having sex.
Tickle each other The third sex game to play with your girlfriend is to tickle each other. You might think this is impossible since both of you can tolerate tickles; however, the game is on when either of one of you can spot the most sensitive spot for tickles. Whoever laughs and giggles will lose and he or she must take off one piece of clothing every time. At the end, the one who is in the birthday suit will be the sex slave.
Random sex acts The fourth sex game to play with your girlfriend is to pick a sex act randomly. For example, there are ten sex acts both of you want to play. Write down each sex act on a small piece of paper and fold them up. Throw all the folded papers into a fish bowl. Whoever loses the rock-paper-scissors game must pick a slip of paper from the fish bowl. The loser must perform the sex act he or she picks, no exceptions.
Hide and seek The last sex game to play with your girlfriend is to play hide and seek. The hider will write down one sex act on a piece of paper and hide it. The seeker isn't obligated to follow the sex act if he or she can find the paper on time. If the seeker wins, he or she will be the hider.

Read more:
Fashion Meets Fetishm Date: Aug 4th @ 11:52am EDT
Fetish fashion is any style or appearance in the form of a type of clothing or accessory, created to be extreme or provocative. These styles are not usually worn by the majority of people on any regular basis. They are usually made of materials such as leather, latex or synthetic rubber or plastic, nylon, PVC, spandex, fishnet, and stainless steel. Some fetish fashion items include: stiletto heel shoes and boots (most notably the ballet boot), hobble skirts, corsets, collars, full-body latex catsuits, stockings, miniskirt, crotchless underwear, garters, locks, rings, zippers, eyewear, handcuffs, and stylized costumes based on more traditional outfits, such as wedding dresses that are almost completely see-through lace. Fetish fashions are sometimes confused with costuming, because both are usually understood to be clothing that is not worn as the usual wardrobe of people, and is instead worn to create a particular reaction.

Fetish fashions are usually considered to be separate from those clothing items used in cosplay, whereby these exotic fashions are specifically used as costuming to effect a certain situation rather than to be merely worn; such as the creation of a character for picture play. However, sometimes the two areas do overlap. For example, in Japan, many themed restaurants have waitresses who wear costumes such as a suit made of latex or a stylized French maid outfit.

Some type of garments that women wear to routinely improve their appearance are thought of as erotic and qualify as fetish wear: corsets and high heels. Most fetish wear is not practical enough for routine daily wear. A very common fetish costume for women is the dominatrix costume. Usually it consists of mostly dark or even black clothing. The woman usually wears a corset or bustier and stockings with high heeled footwear. High boots are quite common as they enhance the woman's domination. Most women in dominatrix costumes carry an accessory such as a whip or a riding crop.


Fetish fashion has no specific origin point because certain fashions that were appreciated specifically for themselves or worn as part of a specific subculture have been noted since the earliest days of clothing. Some argue that the use of corsetry and hobble skirts back in the late 18th century was the first mainstream note of fetish fashions, because the majority of society did not have access to these articles. These items were specifically appreciated for themselves (i.e. the person liked the woman wearing the corset rather than just the woman by herself).

However, others argue that what is termed as fetish fashions started with the leather-wearing culture of the homosexual London, England underground after World War II. During this period, the homosexual men who began to use the rarely used leather clothing items were doing so publicly and in large-order as identification and separation from the norm. Perhaps more importantly, the leather clothing items were being appreciated for themselves, and not just for their functional use. However, others argue that this identification is too restrictive, and that fetish fashion includes more than just leather.

The leather subculture later became more mainstream in the British 1960s due to the influence of rock musicians such as The Rolling Stones and The Who, and television performers such as Diana Rigg and Honor Blackman in The Avengers, who wore full body leather catsuits and full limb-covering leather and latex gloves and boots.

Many fashion designers incorporate elements of the fetish subculture into their creations or directly create products based on elements that are not accepted by the mainstream. Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood created several restrictive BDSM-inspired clothing items for the 1970s punk subculture; in particular bondage trousers, which connect the wearer's legs with straps. The more recent fetish clothing makers House of Harlot and Torture Garden Clothing, Vex Latex Clothing and Madame S of California focus on using latex and leather as the base material for their creations, rather than as an accessory.

Fetish fashions became popularized in the United States during the 1950s through books and magazines such as Bizarre and many other underground publications. Skin Two is a contemporary fetish magazine covering many aspects of the worldwide fetish subculture. The name is a reference to fetish clothing as a second skin.
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